“What is contemporary art photography?”

As part of the pursuit of an MFA at Azusa Pacific University beginning July 2014, I needed answers this fundamental question in order to reconnect to a world that I had allowed to go into unfamiliar territory while I wasn’t paying attention.

My millions of questions included the most obvious:

• Why does contemporary art photography look the way it looks?
• What was the artist thinking?
• Why does the art world think this person’s work is worthy, but that other person’s work that looks similar is not worthy?

This website is the result of my personal exploration to try to understand the artists and attitudes that define a genre of art.

Through books, magazines, websites, and other areas of authority, this will become my document of research.

All of the images are copyrighted by the original artists and are used here only  as a part of the educational process under the fair use copyright clause. Excerpts of text are credited to the source.

You are welcome to join me in my pursuit and hopefully we will both learn something.

— Michael Largent


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