Conceptual Framework, v05

Reconsidering Residuum

The process of my artmaking has its foundation in Jasper Johns’ directive, “Take an object. Do something to it. Do something else to it.“ What is significant about my art is not what the image was, but what it becomes. Intuitive spontaneity informed by deliberate intervention. This is my process.

Originating from the culmination of three years of exploration within the photographic medium and mindful of the look and feel of Man Ray’s solarizations and László Moholy-Nagy’s hand-made photograms, Reconsidering Residuum is an exhibit of contemporarily re-imagined, digitally-improvised, photo-constructions in the spirit of Barbara Kasten’s monochromatic work.

This work investigates “image as object” whereby the superimposition of multiple viewpoints of a discarded fragment is combined layer upon layer into the rendering of a single imaginary object. From analog to digital, from unconsidered to thoughtful, this work is the graphic expression and culmination of enlightened intuition combined with a history encompassing multiple vocations and a lifetime of experiences.

Looking. Finding. Hunting. Shooting. I am constantly gathering imagery to serve as the starting point for the open-ended process which will evolve into a completed work. Original photographs, graphics, appropriated images: all are images which energize my visual curiosity.

Layering. Adding. Subtracting. Abstracting. Experimenting. These are the tools that are used to reveal the imaginary, to show common objects in an uncommon perspective, to present the banal in a more interesting way. If my art has a mission, it is to challenge the viewer to consider and reconsider the image and to discover the levels of meaning within the work.

Seeing. Feeling. Reading. Speculating. Utilizing informed image transformation, my ambition is to present the viewer an optical thrill for the eye, a contemplated narrative for the mind, emotive feelings for the heart, and a meaningful experience of hope for the soul.








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